Audio Drama

Student Grade

Grade 3 - 9

Class Size

6-8 students

Class Type

Online Class via ZOOM

Class Schedule

Mon, Tue, Wed   2:30-3:15 PM EST

Dec 21-30, 2020 (6 sessions)


180 CAD  /  160 USD

Registration Deadline : Dec 16, 2020

Sorry, the registration is closed since the class is full.

Course Features

❖ Online ZOOM customized small class

❖ English children's script + Post-production

❖ Finished MP3 works brought to home

❖ Podcaster, animation dubbing experienced instructor

Course Description

In this special winter break, we can't get together to perform on stage. So, let us perform together with our voices remotely!


The art of sound is sometimes better than visual art.

The art of language is the art that accompanies us throughout our lives.


During the teaching of the language art, our students are also being taught how to use their voices to talk to their lives.

Students in our audio drama class will be provided with the edited scripts based on the children’s literary works or the existing children's scripts. The instructor will teach the students how to use voices to play narration and different characters in the scripts. Post-production will be added to the audio drama to fine the works, increasing the audiences' enjoyment.

Each child will complete a work in the form of team cooperation through professional guidance from the teacher on their pronunciation, tone and other aspects. All works will eventually be sent to parents in audio mp3 format and will also be displayed on the MapleShine's media accounts.

*MapleShine Education Inc. owns the copyright of all the works finished in the class. Students will get one copy to share with family members and friends.

Refund Policy

  • Should the course be cancelled on behalf of MapleShine Education Inc., all fees paid will be refunded in full.

  • Should you be hospitalized or unable to continue the course due to medical reasons, you can submit medical documentation, along with your written notice, to to apply for the refund of remaining balance of the tuition fees in proportion.

* MapleShine Education Inc. reserves all the rights for final explanation for above statements.

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