In order to help children to develop good reading habits, and not only to promote children's English listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also to make children really like reading, MapleShine Education launched a 6-weeks reading course in this unusual summer.

Book Land is not an ordinary book club! We do not only read but also talk; we do not only talk but also write. We have professional reading evaluations, enthusiastic teaching teams, comprehensive excellent books, and detailed review summaries.

Free Professional Reading Level Assessment
Understanding reading level of children's is the most important work before any education start. In order to select the right reading level books for children, MapleShine adopts the Reading A-Z system to test children's reading level. Before children participate in the course and after completing the course, MapleShine conducts professional reading level tests to give parents intuitive results of children's reading level improvement, and track children's reading level progress at any time.

2 Good Books Per Week
There are so many English books on the market. Which one is the most suitable to your child? Based on the reading level tested by your child, we confirm your child's Lexile® reading score, and then select the top popular books in the United States and Canada for reading courses. These books have been analyzed by professional institutions and circulated by readers of all ages. Not only its writing but also moral content represents the high level of contemporary North American children's literature. Moreover, 2 popular books every week will be lent to the children to read in electronic format. It saves the trouble that children cannot find where to buy the books, and also saves parents the pressure on finance.

Certified Teachers in North America
With the guidance of a good teacher, reading level can be improved much faster than usual! Children read the assigned books through electronic borrowing in advance, and then participate in the online class that week. The course will be led by American or Canadian certified teachers to discuss and expand the topics of the books. This is not an ordinary online course. This is actually an integration of reading and writing into our book club. Our goal is not just to read a few books, but to let children learn while improving their reading.

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
Two sessions per week to discuss the 2 book assigned in that week. Besides the discussion of the books' content, extension writing and expression of language are also involved.

Through the guidance of the certified teachers, children can not only improve their reading interest and level, but also improve their speech expression and writing skills.


Age: 7-14 years old


Class Size: Max 8 students

Mini Enrollment: 6 students

Class Type: Online Class via ZOOM

Class Period:  

August 3 - Sept 13, 2020

1 hour/session | 2 sessions/week | 12 sessions in total 

Class Time:

Class A : Every Tuesday and Friday 10:15-11:15 am (EST)    (FULL)

Class B : Every Tuesday and Friday 04:15-05:15 pm (EST)


Class C : Every Tuesday and Friday 08:15-09:15 pm (EST)    (FULL)


Before July 28, 2020    

$240 CAD     $190 USD

After July 28, 2020    

$260 CAD    $210 USD

Interested? Then Let's Go for It!

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