Creative Writing Workshop

Reading Level

Grade 4 +

Class Size

4-6 students

Class Type

Online Class via ZOOM

Class Schedule

Mon, Tue, Wed   4:30-5:30 PM EST

Dec 21-30, 2020 (6 sessions)


200 CAD  /  170 USD

Registration Deadline : Dec 16, 2020

Sorry, the registration is closed since the class is full.

Course Features

  • Small group

  • Creating an original story of your own

  • Creating a short teamwork novel

Course Objectives

In this Winter Break of 2020, MapleShine Education is launching a Creative Writing Workshop for the children who are enthusiasm in creative writing genres of fiction short stories and short novels, and to encourage the development of children’s horizons and imagination to craft their writings by individuals and teamwork.


In this course, your child will craft her/his own stories like professional writers. Your child will craft a short novel through teamwork.


We believe everyone is familiar with the famous Harry Potter series. The “My Wired School” series is loved by many children. If your child loves to read and love to create, then MapleShine Creative Writing Workshop (Winter Break Course) will be the very first and most suitable stage to show off!

Refund Policy

  • Should the course be cancelled on behalf of MapleShine Education Inc., all fees paid will be refunded in full.

  • Should you be hospitalized or unable to continue the course due to medical reasons, you can submit medical documentation, along with your written notice, to to apply for the refund of remaining balance of the tuition fees in proportion.

* MapleShine Education Inc. reserves all the rights for final explanation for above statements.

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