In our kids mandarin program, Mandarin is taught under our standard syllabus. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the most four basic education elements. Besides language, kids will also have the chances to learn the Chinese cultures in various ways.
Textbooks We Use?
We use 'Easy Steps to Chinese' as our textbooks.
For kids age 7 years old and up, we have 8 levels in our Mandarin syllabus, different textbooks working with the different workbooks. 

For kids younger than 7 years old, we have 4 levels in our Mandarin syllabus, different textbooks working with the different workbooks. 

All of our students are required to use the designated textbooks and workbooks to take our Mandarin classes. Students should purchase the books from Amazon by themselves before the course begins. 

Online Class or On-site Class?
We have both types of classes. Online class will be instructed via ZOOM. On-site class will be in our office located in Burlington of Ontario. Due to COVID-19, we only offer online classes now.
In our Mandarin programs, we recommend students to attend our classes at least three times a week. Immerse yourself into a language as often as you can, learn the language as quickly as possible.

Package A

1 : 1  Private 1-HOUR Lesson

(Online Only)

4 Weeks  Mon / Wed / Fri

399 CAD
(tax free)

Package B

1 : 2  Semi-Private 1-HOUR Lesson

(Online Only)

4 Weeks  Mon / Wed / Fri

299 CAD

(tax free)

If I am alone, can I register Package B?
Package B is for two students to register the class together. If you don't have a friend or family member to start the class with you, we recommend you to register Package A.
How soon will the class start after I submit the registration?
The private class will be started in 1 week after the student submit the registration. For semi-private class, it will be started in 1 week after both students submit the registrations.
Interested? Then Let's Go for It!

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