. KIDS MANDARIN     Weekend Program

Kids Mandarin classes are available on Saturday. Mandarin will is taught under our standard syllabus. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the most four basic education elements. 
There are 8 levels in our Mandarin syllabus for kids at the age of 7+, and 4 levels for kids at 5-6 years old. All of our students are required to use the designated textbooks and workbooks to take our classes. 


Saturday 10:00-11:30am

1 lesson / week 

1:6 class ratio

5 years old and up

140 CAD / 4 Weeks

(tax free)

Package Fee: 140 CAD / 4 Weeks (tax free)

Additional Fees:  

* Registration 30 CAD / year.

* Mandarin Textbook & Workbook 60-140 CAD / level.

Each class will NOT open until meet its minimum number of enrollments. Please be sure to contact us for the current number of enrollments before submitting your registration form.  Thank you!


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