What is language exchange partner?

It is a FREE program to kids age 7-16 years old, helping each other to practice a second language via small group chatting on ZOOM.

We hope that our children can communicate, learn and grow together through this platform without geographical restrictions, and develop the spirit of sharing and dedication from an early age.

My child has just entered the enlightenment stage of a new language. Can I register this program?
Sorry. This program requires basic communication skills in a language. It is to help children improve their listening and speaking ability, not to enlighten.


How many kids in one group chatting?

According to each event's language, we will create small groups according to children's age and language level. Generally, 1-2 native speaker(s) and 1-2 second language speaker(s) in one group. 

What language?
Mandarin, English and French. 

Events every week?
Generally, one event is held every weekend. But not every language is held every week. For example, this weekend is English, next week may be Mandarin or French.

How to join in the program?

Submit the form below. You will be contacted for meeting link and group information.

Will everyone who registered be able to attend the events every week?
We will contact you according to the language you registered to check if your child will be available to attend prior to the event date.

Can parents participate in the group chatting?
No. Since children's ability to chat might not be as adept as adults, parents can guide the children on the side, but they cannot participate in the chatting.

Can children speak the other language instead of the event language?
No. English only in English event. Mandarin only in Mandarin event. So does the French event. Give your child a pure language environment to force himself to be familiar with and practice the language.

What are the benefits for children to join in this program?
1: Improve the language level and cultivate interest in learning the language

2: Enhance interpersonal communication and expression skills (social ability)

3: Develop self-confidence

4: Influence of multiculturalism

5: Make new friends

Interested? Then Let's Go for It!

Language Exchange Partner Events

How to attend the event via ZOOM?

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