Adults Mandarin

We have two types of Mandarin classes for our adults students, general Mandarin and business Mandarin. 

Kids Mandarin

Mandarin is taught under our standard syllabus. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the most four basic education elements.

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Teachers Self-introduction 

Tianya Wang


I have dedicated my focus on the practicing and teaching Mandarin for more than 20 years. I had been a professional journalist with broaden perspective and precise linguistic applications during 1995-2012 in China. I has worked in a Chinese School in Ontario since 2015 and known for my extraordinary lecture, resourceful class management and ability of working with students of all ages. I am willing and enthusiastic to help students sustained in their consistent learning. Determined and articulated are the best characteristics of my teaching style. I believes that guiding students to adapt intensive, superior study environment is filled with abundance, diversity and achievement. I know how to provide young people with an encouraging class with motivation but no negative criticism. I strives on facilitating young people to be poised and confident when they manage Mandarin and live in the meritocracy oriented world.

Mandarin Level Certificate

High School Teacher Certificate in China


Legendary Investor Jim Roger's daughters speak excellent Mandarin


Shanghai - the biggest commercial city in China

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