You have a mobile phone and a laptop. That means you have a production studio. We take you through shooting, shaping your content, editing and presenting. With the help of industry pros, your voice will be heard.
Mobile Doc Shop is led by Canadian award winning documentary film makers. Our Executive Producer charged with matching your skills with film instructors is award winning documentary film maker, Sylvia Sweeney C.M., former Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada. She has produced more than 80 documentaries and executive produced hundreds more.
Mobile Doc Shop entry program is a fun and informative 12 sessions of you getting to know the medium of documentary film making. It is led by film makers, journalists, mobile phone camera operators, editors, writers, copyright experts, producers and directors.

If you are either a student or a documentary enthusiast, the entry programs are a great way to begin. We offer the entry program to both students and the public. The Entry program is tailored for people who would like to learn how to make a documentary. The medium we use is your mobile phone. However, this program is designed to give you the basics needed to become a documentary film maker, irrespective of what equipment you choose to use in the future. You will learn the basics, from writing a treatment to shooting and finally editing your first mini documentary.

Teenager Class

12-17 years old

(Online Only)

12 1-HOUR Sessions

240 CAD
(tax free)

Adult Class

18+ years old

(Online Only)

12 1-HOUR Sessions

240 CAD

(tax free)

How to take the class online?

The class will be instructed via ZOOM. The class link (ID and password) will be sent to the students before class begins.

How soon will the class start after I submit the registration?
This is a group online class. The minimum enrollment to open a class is 15 students. Students who signed up will be put into our waiting list until we reach the mini enrollment. We will contact you when the class is qualified to open. Students will pay at the time the class is ready to open.
Interested? Then let's sign up for it!

Instructors and Speakers Introduction

Sylvia Sweeney

Sylvia Sweeney spent her formative years at CBC television as a writer/reporter and rose in the ranks to become the Host / Reporter of CTV’s W5. Her love for documentary filmmaking began in the 90’s when she was awarded a Gemini award for her flagship documentary “In the Key of Oscar” the life story of Oscar Peterson. After producing more than 80 documentaries, Ms. Sweeney was hired as the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada and was instrumental in developing programs which led to the NFB’s Emmy Award and first Oscar nomination in 16 years,  for a documentary short entitled “Hardwood”.  

She is the founder of the International ArtsGames Committee which is a global initiative bringing cultures together to demonstrate the excellence which exists in all cultures through arts competitions.

Ms. Sweeney founded MDS to ensure that all people have access to the power of electronic media. By educating every day people to learn to tell their stories through this medium, she hopes to give voice to the voiceless.

Ms. Sweeney was recently awarded the Order of Canada for her efforts to do just that.

Annie Szamosi

Annie Szamosi is a professor in the film department at Humber College. An avid filmmaker, her career spans more than 25 years of long and short form film making. As a Director, she directed “ A decent proposal”. She has fostered the development of hundreds of aspiring filmmakers and continues her work at the College while pursuing her own career as a filmmaker.


Wrik Mead

Wrik Mead is assistant professor in the faculty of art at OCAD University. His film have won several awards including the 2016 Ann Arbor Film Festival, Jury award for summer 1975 2016 Black Maria Film Festival, Director’s choice award for = 2014 Tuff, Honourable Mention for the 1975 Kiss 2014 The Ontario Arts Council, Media Arts 2013 and a host of other recognitions for his work and continued demonstration of excellence in filmmaking. 


William R Cunningham

Former Vice President Global Television, past executive producer CTV W5.

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is one of Canada’s most experienced television journalists. His coverage of key historical events includes the Vietnam War, the assassination of Malcom X and a host of international issues which shock the world. Mr. Cunningham is now retired and is among Mobile Doc Shop’s guest lecturers on documentary filmmaking, journalism versus point of view documentaries.


Celine Peterson

The medium is the message. Celine Peterson has proven her worth in driving the message home. Once the documentary is produced Celine Peterson is who we turn to spread the word, using technology and social networking to ensure that your work is seen and heard. She is a guest lecturer for MDS with a focus on using mobile technology to stream your work and will help you maximize the technology which is in the palm of your hands.

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