TED-Ed Club

Welcome to MapleShine TED-Ed club! Let's develop your own TED style talk together! This is a non-profit program, totally free to our students!



Public Speaking and Debate

Customized small class for public speaking and debate students, building confidence and oral communicating skills.



Book Land

A comprehensive program for age 6-12, covering reading, oral speaking and writing under the leadership of certified teachers in North America.



Audio Drama

​In this special winter break, we can't get together to perform on stage. So, let us perform together with our voices remotely! 



Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop is for the children who are enthusiasm in creative writing genres of fiction short stories and short novels.



School @ Home

Online live home-school for Grade 1-8 students in Canada. Stay in low stress and make it under control for your children.




Professional Mandarin language training for adults and kids, to help you improve your Mandarin skills for multi-purposes. 



Mobile Doc Shop

We take you through shooting, shaping your content, editing and presenting. With the help of industry pros, your voice will be heard.



Language Exchange Partner

It's a FREE platform for kids age 7-16 to practice oral skills of a second language through making friends with the same age kids.



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