Language Exchange Partner

It's a FREE platform for kids age 7-16 to practice oral skills of a second language through making friends with the same age kids. We currently have English, Mandarin and French events open for sign up.

School @ Home

With MapleShine’s “School@Home” program, we offer an online education of live home-school for Grade 1-8 students. Stay in low stress and make it under control for your children.

Book Land

Book Land is not an ordinary book club for children aged 7 to 14. Courses covering listening, speaking, reading and writing under the leadership of a certified teacher in North America.


Professional Mandarin language training for adults and kids. We deliver customized Mandarin language courses to help you improve your Mandarin skills for multi-purposes. 

Mobile Doc Shop

You have a mobile phone and a laptop. That means you have a production studio. We take you through shooting, shaping your content, editing and presenting. With the help of industry pros, your voice will be heard.

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