TED-Ed Club


Welcome to the MapleShine TEDEd Club! In our club, we work all together to spark and celebrate the ideas of our students, engage in a series of explorations designed to help our students present an amazing TED style talk on an idea that inspires them.

Along the way, our student will develop skills in:

  • Identifying the elements of a great idea

  • Researching, developing and presenting an idea

  • Telling a compelling story

  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively

We hope by the end of this club course, we will have our student participants film a TEDEd student talk, which may be nominated by MapleShine to TEDEd and featured on TEDEd platforms, or even possibly on the TED stage!

Club Sessions Introduction

Club Instructor Introduction

    Melanie Esseltine

  • OCT Certified Teacher
    (Member in Good Standing)

  • Toronto District School Board
    (10 years experience)

  • Language Instructor 
    (French, ESL, IELTS)

  • Voice Artist
    (Writing and recording podcasts)

TED-Ed Club

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