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8th Annual Student Review Contest


Do you like sharing your opinion with others? Do you have strong critiques and reactions to books, movies, restaurants or fashion? Are you a foodie or a gamer? A music buff or a theater aficionado?

If so, this contest is for you. The New York Times invites you to play critic and write an original review for their Eighth Annual Student Review Contest.


  • Review something that fits into one of the categories of creative expression that The New York Times reviews: architecture, art, books, comedy, dance, fashion, hotels, movies, music, podcasts, restaurants, technology, theater, TV shows, video games (You do not need to review the exact same piece of work that The Times has reviewed — just something that fits into the categories listed above. For example, you can review a local restaurant in your town because The Times reviews restaurants.)

  • The review must be 450 words or fewer, not including the title.

  • Whatever you choose to review, it should be new to you and you should experience it yourself.

  • Your essay should be original for this contest, meaning, it should not already be published at the time of submission, whether in a school newspaper, for another contest or anywhere else.

  • Keep in mind that the work you send in should be appropriate for a Times audience — that is, something that could be published in a family newspaper (so, please, no curse words).

  • Submit only one entry per student.

  • While many of their contests allow students to work in teams, for this one you must work alone.

Your can read more rules by clicking HERE.


Having your work published on The Learning Network and being eligible to be chosen to have your work published in the print New York Times.

Henry Hsiao and Elizabeth Phelps, winners of our 2019 Student Review Contest, share their reflections and review-writing advice.

Click HERE to download the contest poster to share with your friends.


The registration is free.

This contest is open to students ages 13 to 19 who are in middle school or high school around the world. College students cannot submit an entry. However, high school students (including high school postgraduate students) who are taking one or more college classes can participate. Students attending their first year of a two-year CEGEP in Quebec Province can also participate. In addition, students age 19 or under who have completed high school but are taking a gap year or are otherwise not enrolled in college can participate.


The deadline for this contest is Dec. 14, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. The winners will be announced about two months after the contest has closed.




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The New York Times (the Learning Network)


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