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Send a Postcard to the Space FOR FREE


Founded by Blue Origin in 2019, Club for the Future is a foundation whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space.

Club for the Future is asking students from around the world to send them postcards with their dreams of the future and vision for life in space answering the question:


Once you have your idea, draw or write it on a postcard, and mail it to the Club using the instructions below. The Club will put your postcard on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and launch it to space. Upon your postcard’s return from space, it will be stamped “Flown to Space,” then mailed back to you as a special space-flown keepsake.

1. Use a 4”x6” (10x15cm) postcard, notecard, or download and print the template.

2. On the blank side, draw or write your vision for why earth needs space.

3. On the other side, write a message to yourself and add your address.

4. Place the postcard in a stamped envelope and mail it to the club.


PO BOX 5759

KENT, WA 98064


5. Drop the envelope in the mail. The club will launch it to space on a rocket and return it to you!

Click HERE to download template.

You don’t have to use the postcard template. The club encourages you to make your own postcard out of whatever you can find—a notecard, back of a cereal box, manila envelope, or a postcard you picked up on a family vacation. Be creative!

When creating your postcard, you don’t have to answer the question, ‘Why does Earth need space?’. The club encourage you to send whatever artistic expression you want to share about the future of living and working in space – or any other topic of your choosing.

For more frequently asked questions, click HERE.


Aside from the cost of postage, this program is free. The club recommends student outside the U.S. using a Global Forever International U.S. Postage stamp. If you send your postcard without a return postage stamp, they’ll do their best to get it back to you.


Club for the Future has payload space for postcards on every New Shepard flight for the foreseeable future.

The time to fly your postcard to the space depends on the New Shepard rocket mission schedule and it varies. The club is committed to flying every postcard they receive and unfortunately aren’t able to provide advance notice.


Mail your postcard to CLUB FOR THE FUTURE, PO BOX 5759, KENT, WA 98064, U.S.A.


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Club for the Future


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