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Maple Club Weekly Membership

1: Click one of the social media below to learn how to share Maple Club with all of your followers. Keep the post up for at least 2 hours.
2: Take a screenshot of your post and submit the form below. MapleShine team will offer you one week club sessions for FREE. 

  • Q1: Do I need to register the club sessions every week?
    Yes. New sessions for the next week are open for public registration every Saturday around 7:00 PM (EST).
  • Q2: How many times can I book the club sessions FREE by sharing with friends?
    It's unlimited. You can share Maple Club on your social media EVERY WEEK to obtain the club sessions link EVERY WEEK. A new share post is required to obtain a new week sessions link.
  • Q3: When will I get the club sessions ZOOM link after submitting the booking?
    The ZOOM link will be emailed to you shortly after you booked the sessions. If you did not get your ZOOM link in 24 hours, please contact us immediately by LIVE chat, telephone, email or IM customer representative.
  • Q4: I've missed the sessions for couple of weeks. Can I catch the class?
    You can attend the club sessions any week. Students always learn different skills in each class.
  • Q5: My child's age is out of your recommended age range. Can I register the club sessions?
    The recommended age range is just for your reference. You may let your child try one week to see if he/she likes our club courses.
  • Q6: I did not attend the club session I registered because of some reason. Can I have a make up session?
    Sorry, we don't offer make up sessions for our club courses.
  • Q7: What is the cancellation and refund policy?
    Only the students who are not able to participate in the course due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (e.g. medical conditions, or family emergency) may be eligible for remaining balance refund in proportion (for students who paid $19.99 only). MapleShine Education Canada Inc. will do everything possible to avoid course cancellations; however MapleShine Education Canada Inc. reserves the right to cancel the course (before and during the course) for any reasons. In this circumstance, MapleShine Education Canada Inc. accommodates the student in an alternate course or provides the student the remaining balance refund at his/her discretion (for students who paid $19.99 only).

Please upload your share screenshot here!

You will receive the ZOOM meeting link after we get your submission.

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