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Writing Mate - Semi-Private Class

Learning how to write is not that easy! Writing Mate is the best interactive online course designed to teach students how to write and enjoy the process of writing. Students can build up their writing and communication skills and approach the academic success step by step.




❖6-week LIVE course
❖One 90-minute session every week 

❖We highly recommend finding youself a classmate to enroll together. The class will be started in 2 weeks if your classmate enrolls in the class with you. Otherwise, you might wait for up to 4 weeks until we find a classmate to match your grade/level and start the class.

❖We will contact you in 3 days after your payment.

❖Class time is in the Eastern Time zone.




❖Certified teachers with local teaching experience in the United States and Canada

❖Online interactive teaching

❖Various types of literature genres (Narrative, Informational, Expository, Argument, Opinion and etc.)




❖During the Class

  1. 1 on 1 editing and revision
  2. Learn new writing skills
  3. After-class writing assignment


❖After the Class

After every 6 sessions, a parent meeting is arranged to let you learn about your child's learning journey and outcomes.

Writing Mate - Semi-Private Class

  • Only the students who are not able to participate in the course due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (e.g. medical conditions, or family emergency) may be eligible for remaining balance refund in proportion.


    MapleShine Education Canada Inc. will do everything possible to avoid course cancellations; however MapleShine Education Canada Inc. reserves the right to cancel the course (before and during the course) for any reasons. In this circumstance, MapleShine Education Canada Inc. accommodates the student in an alternate course or provides the student the remaining balance refund at his/her discretion.

  • ❖ For semi-private and group class, student can make up the missed session by watching the video recording. MapleShine will not provide any interactive class to make up the missed session. 
    ❖ For private class, student can contact MapleShine customer service at least one week in advance to reschedule the session which is going to be missed.

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