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Nobody likes feeling your children have been left behind. Do NOT miss out and check out our feature courses right now.

Book Land

Book Land kids reading

Kindergarten - Grade 6

Reading | Writing | Presentation

Writing Mate

kids writing

Grade 4 - Grade 9

Writing Skills | Creative Mind

Public Speaking


Grade 3 - Grade 12

Self-Confidence | Leadership Skills

Voice Acting

Kids audio drama

Grade 2 - Grade 9

Language Skills | Imagination


Welcome to MapleShine TEDEd Club! Let’s spark and celebrate the ideas of yours, engage in a series of explorations designed to help you present an amazing TED Style Talk on an idea that inspires you.

Our Kidshow

To learn, every child needs to DO something!

Displaying children's work makes them take great pride in what they complete. Children love showing off all their hard work and effort. We document process of student work to benefit children, engage parents, and guide teachers.

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